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Facts you must know before undergoing an eyebrow hair transplant.

The thin and scanty eyebrow is not what you desire to have. It has always been a dream for you to have an eyebrow with thicker density and the right length.

Hence, you may have used various cosmetic products to have a lengthier eyebrow. You may have opted for over the counter medications as well. Yet, nothing could give you the desired result.

If you are experiencing it in the same manner, you should avail an eyebrow hair transplant treatment. You will get the desired length and density of your eyebrows within a few months of the treatment.

So, if you are searching for an eyebrow hair transplant in Surat, you will get many options available for you. But when you are availing of the treatment, you must know a few things before undergoing the procedure. It will help you to choose the best option for your treatment.

You can never imagine yourself without your eyebrows because it will change your overall appearance. Even it will not look good aesthetically as well. Your eyebrows are one of the most important facial features that are directly connected with your facial expressions.

Here, let us discuss the different aspects that you should know about eyebrow hair transplant. These are as follows-

Causes of thin eyebrows

There are various reasons available behind your thin eyebrows. Starting from

  • Fewer hair follicles in your eyebrow line
  • Specific skin disease (infections)
  • Over plucking
  • Accident
  • Side effects of cosmetic products
  • Ageing
  • Medications
  • Alopecia

You may experience any of these things. As a result of these things, you may suffer from eyebrow hair loss.

Who is the ideal eyebrow hair transplant candidate?

Eyebrow hair transplant is a restorative procedure. Hence, anybody who does not have sufficient eyebrow hair follicles or not satisfied with their eyebrow can avail of the treatment.

But before starting the process, we will examine you properly. If you do not have any issues related to bleeding or clotting, we can recommend the treatment.

You will get a permanent solution

Hair transplant procedures provide a permanent solution. Within a few months, you will get the desired length and density of your eyebrows. At first, the implanted hair follicles will fall out, and then they regrow. It will look like your own eyebrow hair. You will get freedom from regular episode s of painful eyebrow plucking.

So, what is the best donor area for your eyebrow hair transplant?

You can extract donor hair from another eyebrow if you are experiencing partial eyebrow hair loss. It will be best for you. In case you are experiencing massive eyebrow hair loss, we will advise you to extract hair grafts from the area behind your ears. In the case of men, we can use hair grafts from your beard as well.

Surgery duration

The time required for your surgery depends on the number of hair grafts you want to implant. Generally, it takes five to six hours to complete the procedure.

Required number of hair grafts

On average, you will require 50 to 100 hair grafts for your eyebrow hair transplant surgery. But the required number of hair grafts may vary according to your requirements.


Yes, eyebrow hair transplant requires routine maintenance. Because the hair follicles extracted from your scalp or beard are different from your eyebrow hairs. They will continuously grow if not appropriately maintained. But this maintenance process is easy and home-based.

Side effects

Eyebrow hair transplant surgery does not have any side effects as such. They are minimally invasive and beneficial to restore your required eyebrow hair density. You may experience swelling, redness, inflammation, and in rare cases, infections in the donor area.

But all of these will go away after a few days. Other than these, there is no risk or side effects associated with it.


The recovery process is home-based. You can resume your everyday work right after your surgery. You do not even need to stay in the clinic for a night. However, you should obey the advice of your doctor and take proper medications without any mistake.

When can you see the result?

You can expect to see a visible change after four to six months of your surgery. But the final result will come out after ten months from your surgery.

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Can I still go bald after a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a medical procedure. It involves obtaining hair follicles from a donor area on your scalp, and implanting them where the hair is thin or balding. It means your hair transplant doctor will extract the follicular units or various strips of hair follicles and transplant them into the balding area.

Before planning your visit to a hair transplant clinic, a question might have come to your mind, whether you will go bald even after your hair transplant surgery. Now, before answering that question, you have to understand the reason why opting for a hair transplant will benefit you.

Why should you go for a Hair Transplant?

Here are some reasons why opting for a hair transplant is beneficial:

Natural Hair Regrowth

Hair transplant is a blessing for those who want to have a natural-looking hairline. The surgery occurs by transplanting hair from the donor site to the recipient site. So, the texture and the look of the donor’s hair perfectly match the existing hair.

Minimal Downtime

Another benefit of hair transplantation is that you require minimal downtime for recovery. Just after taking bed rest for a few days, you can resume your daily activities. However, make sure to take permission from your surgeon before you continue any of your physical activity.

Pain and Scar Free

If you go for any of the techniques of hair transplantation and if they are correctly performed, no visible scar will be left on your scalp. Also, hair transplantation happens under local anaesthesia. So, you will feel no pain during the sessions.

Cheaper in the Long-Run

Non-surgical means of treating hair loss may seem like an affordable option. However, they require extensive maintenance. The cost of hair transplant maintenance alone adds up as time passes and increases the overall cost drastically.

So, if you are looking for hair loss treatment, which will last a lifetime, do not look anywhere other than hair transplantation.

Now that you know why choosing a hair transplant is best for excessive balding. Let us move on to the actual question.

Will I go bald after a Hair Transplant?

If you are asking of loss of the transplanted hair, yes, you will lose all of it after a certain period of 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure. But this is natural, and it makes way for the new hair growth.

Most of the people see a significant amount of new hair growth in the next 8 to 12 months from the surgery. If you are asking for overall hair loss even after hair transplant surgery, then we need to discuss things in detail.

Remember the Essentials

You need to remember that hair transplant can add hair in areas where it no longer grows naturally. Even though hair transplant is permanent, it does not “cure” baldness.

It is because the male pattern or female pattern hair loss is primarily caused due to the dihydrotestosterone hormone or DHT. This hormone causes your hair follicles to miniaturize and stop reproduction of new hairs over time.

If you notice a receding hairline or hair thinning on top of the head, a hair transplant will not stop this from happening. A hair transplant surgery will add hair back into the affected areas on the scalp.

Moreover, if you do not follow any treatment along with hair transplant to address the root cause of hair loss, you may be at risk of losing hair even after a successful hair transplant procedure.

It may result in some unusual hair loss pattern. This is because transplanted hairs are typically invulnerable to pattern baldness. However, the rest of the hair on top of the scalp is DHT affected and thus, the thinning continues. It creates an awkward balding pattern behind the transplanted area.

What can you do about it?

To address the root cause of pattern hair loss, you need to go for DHT blocker treatment. Consult your hair transplant surgeon for a specific medication. Take these medications after a transplant procedure to avoid further hair loss.


best time for hair transplant

When is the Best Time in Year for a Hair Transplant?

Have you thought that when can be the best time to get a hair transplant? It may shock you to hear that there are specific times of year that can be better than others! By selecting the date of your transplant wisely, you may see better results and have an easier recovery time. If you’re curious to know why, when, and if it matters at all, here’s everything you should know.

Why do some People think Summer is better?

When it comes to the right time to go to a hair transplant clinic, the common opinion is that it’s the warmer months. Many people go to clinics far from their homes to have the best service, which is easier in the sun than snow!

Summer is a time when it’s okay to take some time off of work and break your routine. If you require taking time off of work to allow your scalps heal, it’s natural to think of the summer months. If you have kids, it’s nice not to have to do the school run while you’re recovering.

There are reasons why summer is the ideal time for a transplant, but what are the opinions of experts?

Is Summer actually the best Month for a Hair Transplant?

Even though there is nothing terrible with getting a hair transplant in summer, it indeed isn’t the best time. It won’t make your transplant into a failure, but there are more things to think about when it comes to recovery.

In summer, we sweat a lot, which can make the healing process a bit difficult. To avoid the bacteria from your sweat becoming an issue, you may have to clean the area more regularly or prevent activities that can make you sweat.

It would be best if you were careful with sun exposure because you don’t want your scalp to be exposed to dangerous UV rays.

It’s not wrong to have a hair transplant in the summer, but mind that a few days inside in a colder climate.

Winter is the best time for a Hair Transplant

In winter, the colder weather won’t make you sweat much and keeping your scalp cleaner will be easier.

Our lifestyles change in winter. Instead of going out and playing sports and sunbathing, you’re more likely to stay inside. This means that your daily life should be less affected, making the process a lot easier! You will not be craving for a swim in the sea or looking for shade at the beach so that healing will be less of a hassle.

Getting your hair transplant surgery in winter is less likely to interrupt your lifestyle. We tend to spend a lot of time indoor in the winter months anyway so getting a hair transplant surgery in winter will less likely affect your daily routine, and it is more conducive to the healing process.

Wearing hats in winter months is a normal thing to do for most, and this becomes a perfect camouflage by default for your surgery.

Another benefit for selecting winter as the best time for hair transplant surgery is that by the time your grafts are all grown out then you shall be ready for the summer outdoor activities with a new set of hairs.

By the time summer comes, you should see new hair growth too, so you can head out with new confidence and satisfaction!

It’s All Up to you

Many reasons may affect when you decide to have your hair transplant. The final decision is down to you and, as long as you keep up with the aftercare, the time you select shouldn’t affect the healing too much. You may have to be more careful in the summer, but if that’s the time that suits you, then you should go for it!

The essential thing you can do is select the right hair transplant doctor. Finding someone who is qualified, experienced, and trusted is the correct way to ensure your transplant is a big success.

They will take all of your lifestyle requirements into consideration and let you know the right time and method to proceed with your surgery.


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