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Are you a woman?

Are you tired of your thin and unhealthy hair?

Are you looking for a cosmetic treatment that can give you the desired density of your hair?

Well, Dr Mohit Srivastava is here to take care of all your requirements. He provides the best female hair transplant treatment in Surat at an affordable cost.

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Hair ‘N’ Images centre is the superior clinic for all your hair problems. We provide medical treatment for your rapid hair loss and baldness issues. We are the best in giving premium quality, dependable hair restoration treatment in Surat.

At our centre, all the methods of hair implants are being proceeded according to the need of our customers. We strive to provide results more than the expectations for our patients. We have the most profoundly qualified group of specialists working with skill in this field. As a result, we have effectively served various patients across Surat.

Dr Mohit Srivastava is leading the Hair 'N' Images centre since 2000. He is one of the most popular hair transplant specialists in Surat. Dr Mohit always tries to treat in a complete and thorough way of hair care. This way of treatment makes Hair 'N' Images the best hair implant facility in Surat.

Our female hair transplant treatment is dedicated to the hair restoration needs of women. It is one of our best facilities available at our clinic. We have served numerous successful female hair transplant surgeries since the very beginning.

What is female hair transplant treatment?

Scalp hair is a significant part of every body's overall aesthetic image. However, it becomes more devastating for women when it starts falling out rapidly. Hair transplant surgery for women is as same as it is for men.

Our doctor extracts healthy hair follicles from the back of your head and then implants them into your recipient area. It gives you the required density of your hair. The newly embedded hair looks similar to your natural scalp hair. After a few months of your surgery, the hair grows naturally, and you can style them according to your will.

We at Hair' N' Image hair transplant centre follow any of the FUT, Bio FUE, DHT and FUE techniques to perform women hair transplant treatment. We choose a suitable method according to the type of hair loss you are having.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Different types of female hair transplant treatment:

In comparison to male, female clients are more prone to various kinds of facial hair restoration treatments along with scalp hair transplant. These different types of facial hair restoration treatments are as follows-

  • Eyebrow hair transplant: If you are having a smaller number of hairs in your eyebrow line, then eyebrow hair transplant can give you the required density and length of your eyebrow.
  • Eyelash hair transplant: It is another very successful procedure to give you the most beautiful and dense eyelash. The treatment gives you a permanent solution from all sorts of artificial eyelash products.

The procedure of female hair transplant treatment:

The female hair transplant treatment needs the following steps to be performed-

  • At first, our hair transplant surgeon performs a detail examination of your hair and problem area.
  • Then comes the need for cleaning both the donor and recipient region.
  • You will need certain anaesthetic medicines to numb your treatment area.
  • After that, we extract the healthy hair follicles from the back of your scalp (as the scalp is the best option for healthy hair follicles in women).
  • The excision process can be any one of the FUT, FUE, DHT, Bio FUE technique.
  • After this, your recipient area needs pockets to be made for implantation.
  • Then our doctor implants those extracted healthy hair grafts into your problem area.
Hair Transplant Procedure

Cost of female hair transplant surgery:

The cost of female hair transplant treatment varies from client to client according to the requirement. The cost of each hair graft in Hair 'N' Image clinic is Rs 20 to Rs 25. Consequently, the total cost will change according to the requirements.

Post-treatment issues:

After completion of your hair restoration treatment, you will face the following issues-

  • You may experience soreness, redness, inflammation, infection or pain right after the surgery for a few days.
  • It would help if you avoided heat and sun for a few days after your treatment.
  • Avoid heavy exercise just after the surgery.
  • The newly transplanted hair will fall out within three weeks post the surgery.
  • But do not worry. You will get back your hair after a few months of the surgery.
  • Within a year or little more, you will have a fuller look.

Benefits of Female hair transplant treatment:

Hair transplant for women include the following advantages-

  • The treatment is minimally invasive and gives a long-lasting solution for women hair loss.
  • The treatment enhances your overall image.
  • The newly embedded hair gives you beautiful natural hair.
  • The therapy requires a brief span of a recovery period.
  • As our doctor uses certain anaesthetic medicines, it makes the treatment least painful.
  • If the treatment is done through FUE procedure, then there is no scope of visible scars after the surgery.
  • Other than FUE, there is a minimal chance to have a scar.
  • The post-treatment care is easily accessible and home-based.
  • There are no long-term side effects in this treatment.
female hair transplant

Frequently Asked Questions:

Other than FUT and DHT, FUE and Bio FUE techniques require more time, as these treatments take high precision of the doctor. So, if the requirement of hair grafts is more than 3000, then it may take more than one session. In the case of Eyebrow hair transplant of eyelash hair transplant, our doctor needs to use his artistic sense also. As a result, it takes near about 7 to 8 hours.

Yes, it is possible if you have enough healthy hair on your donor area.

We prescribe to wait at least for two weeks after surgery, especially for FUT treatment to colour your hair.

You can grow as long as your normal hair grows because the transplanted hair behaves like your normal hair.