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Do you envy the beautiful eyebrows of others? Do you want to have thick and bold eyebrows? Well, you must consult with Dr Mohit Srivastava at Hair' N' Images hair transplant centre in Surat

Eyebrows are the most highlighted facial element of an individual. They help to make your eyes more beautiful, and your face looks more appealing. Everyone does not have the ideal thickness and length of eyebrows. Therefore, they use cosmetic items as a solution for their thin eyebrows; however, that again is a temporary solution. An eyebrow hair transplant treatment in Surat is the long-lasting and ultimate solution for having thick eyebrows.


At Hair ‘N’ Images, we provide the customized eyebrow hair implant treatment to our patients at an affordable cost. It will give you the aesthetically natural eyebrow hair growth. Our treatment procedure is well equipped with the modern technologies and tools as per the international standards. We have the best team of highly experienced doctors and technicians. We aim to benefit you with premium quality treatment. Our chief hair transplant surgeon, Dr Mohit Srivastava, is well known for his 15 years of experience in eyebrow hair transplant.

Let us discuss the eyebrow hair transplant:

Eyebrow hair restoration treatment is a procedure where our doctor transplants hair follicles to your thin eyebrow line. The hair is extracted from your scalp andimplanted into your eyebrow area. The hair grafts in the eyebrow line must be implanted in its proper direction and angle. The embedded eyebrows stay with you for a lifetime.Usually, an eyebrow hair transplant requires 50 to 100hair units in total. The treatment is extremely successful and safe. You will see a noteworthy change after few months of your surgery.

Procedure of Eyebrow transplant:

Eyebrow hair transplant follows the same procedure as your scalp hair transplant.
  • Marking your desired eyebrow shape and length
  • Shaving and cleaning of your donor area (mainly scalp)
  • Using certain numbing medicines for reducing the pain
  • Making stilt (pockets) at your eyebrow line
  • Extraction of healthy hair grafts from your scalp near your ear
  • Transplantation of grafts into your eyebrow line
The entire surgery requires 2-3 hours to complete. Eyebrow hair transplant. You will get the desired shape of eyebrows once the treatment is completed. Dr Mohit Srivastava does the eyebrow transplant treatment with high precision. It requires an artistic sense to perform the surgery.

Cost of eyebrow hair transplant:

On average, the cost of eyebrow hair transplant ranges between Rs 20 to Rs 25. The total cost of treatment differs from patient to patient according to their requirements. To know in detail about the cost, contact with us.

Before and After procedure care:

Before surgery tips-
  • Stop using medicines that contain aspirin or any blood-thinning agent before the surgery.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Do not have caffeine before your surgery on the same day.
  • Take vitamin-C regularly before the surgery.
  After surgery tips-
  • Strictly follow the doctor’s advice.
  • Take all prescribed medicines routinely.
  • Avoid heat and sun exposure.
  • Do not worry if you experience bruising, redness, infection or inflammation after the surgery. All these will go away after a couple of days.
  Precautions: Think twice before going for eyebrow hair transplant if you are suffering from any of the followings-

Advantages of eyebrow hair transplant:

Eyebrow hair transplant is very beneficial by the following ways-
  • You will get a thick and flawless eyebrow in few monthsafter the procedure
  • The treatment is safe
  • Upgrades your appearance with more prominent eyebrow
  • Improves in your facial expression and communication
  • It is a lasting and least painful treatment
  • Conceals all scars and injury marks around your eyebrow line
  • You can continue your everyday life soon after the treatment
  • No need to string eyebrows, because you will be happy with their new shape and thickness
  • The treatment will give you an aesthetic look with excellent hair thickness
  • You will develop self-confidence with the new eyebrows

Why choose us:

Hair ‘N’ Images provides the premium quality eyebrow hair restoration treatment in Surat. The reasons for choosing us are as follows-
  • We maintain proper hygiene while treating our clients.
  • Our clinic infrastructure and technology ensure your safety.
  • We have treated thousands of clients successfully to date.
  • We aim to provide guaranteed customer satisfaction to our clients.
  • The number of successful hair transplant surgery that we have performed at our clinic is more than 2200.
  • Till date we have not received any complaints about our treatment.

Frequently asked questions

You will see the changes within a couple of months. The primarily transplanted hair will fall, and then new hairs will grow again.
No, the treatment is safe, and there are no long-lasting side effects. You may experience swelling, redness, inflation or inflammation. But they go away in a few days.
The surgery generally requires 3 to 4 hours of time duration approximately. But the time duration can change according to your need.
FUE is one of the most effective methods of hair transplant. Dr Mohit Srivastava generally uses FUE procedure for eyebrow hair transplant.