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Is it a dream for you to have a prominent beard with thick density?
Do you feel that you are not able to enjoy your machismo due to a thin beard?

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Well, everybody does not have a thick beard. But you can get the required density of beard hair by availing of a beard hair transplant. Dr. Mohit Srivastava is offering the best beard transplant cost for premium quality treatment in Katargam, Surat.

Our treatment is beneficial for everyone as we use the most updated techniques of hair transplant treatment. All our staffs are well trained and experienced in performing beard hair transplant. Yet, only our head surgeon, Dr. Mohit Srivastava, performs all the surgeries on his own.

To date, we have performed more than 2200 successful hair transplant surgeries. Among all our treatments, beard hair transplant is supremely appreciated by our clients. We aim to provide you the utmost satisfaction through our treatments. However, we never take safety measures less seriously.

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What is a beard hair transplant?

There was a time when people were subjected to mockery for having less beard hair. Today you can get rid of all these humiliations just availing a beard hair transplant surgery. Beard hair transplant is a minimally invasive non-surgical technique that gives you the fuller look of natural hair in your beard. Here, our doctor extracts healthy hair follicles from the donor area of your body (scalp and below the jawline) and implants them into your face at the beard area. The treatment increases the density of your beard hair and helps you reinvent your masculine appearance. The beard you get after the treatment will have the same features as your natural beard.


Why do we suffer from beard hair loss?

The reasons for your beard hair loss or thin beard hair are as follows-
Hereditary: You may suffer from a smaller number of hair follicles in your beard area due to your genetic structure. It can be a pattern in your family.
Alopecia: Patients who suffer from alopecia can experience incidences of beard hair loss.
Trauma: Sudden trauma, both physical as well as emotional, can lead to beard hair loss.
Medication: You may suffer from mild to massive hair loss all over your body as a side effect of a few medicines. If you have chemotherapy, radiation therapy, life-saving medication, etc., you may experience hair loss, including beard hair.
Previous hair transplant: You may experience patchy beards if you have extracted hair follicles from the beard area for a scalp hair transplant.

Let us understand the procedure of beard transplant:

Beard transplant is surgery, so it requires local anesthesia. It helps you to get rid of the pain. The procedure includes the following steps-
• Shaving and cleaning of both your donor and recipient area.
• Application of local anesthesia.
• Extraction of healthy hair follicles from your donor area (side or back of your head or below the jawline).
• Making pockets into your recipient area.
• Incision of extracted healthy hair grafts into your beard area.
Here, the extraction method can be of two types, viz, FUE, or FUT. Generally, we prefer to use the FUE method because it is the least painful and leaves no scar on your donor area.


How many hair follicles do you require?

You will require 900 hair grafts on an average to have a complete beard hair transplant. However, this number will differ from person to person according to their need. Hence, we suggest you consult with us.

Cost of beard hair transplant:

The cost of a beard hair transplant depends on the number of hair follicles you require. We at Hair ‘N’ Images hair transplant centre in Katargam, Surat, charge Rs. 20 to Rs. 25 for each hair graft.

What are the benefits of a beard hair transplant?

You will experience the following advantages after a successful beard hair transplant.
• The treatment is minimally invasive.
• It gives you a natural-looking beard after a few months.
• The transplanted hair is permanent.
• You do not need to stay in the clinic overnight because it takes only 2 to 6 hours to complete.
• There are no side effects as such.
• You style or shave according to your wish.
• It takes significantly less time for recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, the treatment is safe under the supervision of Dr. Mohit Srivastava. You may suffer from specific side effects just after your surgery, like itching and irritation, inflammation, infections, soreness, or redness. But our doctor will take care of your problems.
Any person who is suffering from thin or patchy beard hair can opt for this treatment. The only requirement is he has to be at least 20 years old.
It would help if you had to- • Stop taking medicines containing blood thinner
• Avoid smoking and drinking
• Avoid caffeine on the date of your surgery
• Take vitamin C regularly before your surgery