Facial hair transplant treatment & procedure in Surat

Men’s beards and mustaches can be rejuvenated with a facial hair transplant. It may be used to conceal any scars from an accident or acne on your beard. In addition, females might benefit from a facial hair transplant to rebuild their brows and enhance the density of their eyelashes.

People in Surat are more concerned about their appearance. They have a tendency to appear flawless, which is crucial right now. As a result, they’re looking for an appropriate aesthetic solution. A hair transplant in Surat, done according to your specifications, may give you a fantastic outcome.

Several factors can cause hair loss on the face. For example, it can be caused by accidents, surgeries, burns, laser hair removal, or genetic problems. In addition, you can undergo the procedure in areas where you do not have much facial hair or where hair growth is sparse or weak, and you desire more volume.

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What is the treatment procedure?

A facial hair implant is performed by removing donor hairs from the back or sides of the head, similar to how hair transplantation is done on the scalp. The FUE technique is used by the most delicate hair transplant surgeon in Surat to complete the procedure.

Typically, the doctor chooses which place is the most acceptable or excellent match for facial hair. For example, hairs in the back, especially in the middle, might be ideal for a mustache. Hair follicles from the area above your ear, on the other hand, maybe a fantastic alternative for the beard, mustache, and eyebrow areas.

The hairs remain permanently attached and act like your natural hair, with the same texture and characteristics, once the transplantation is done. You may also shave the implanted hair the same way you remove the rest of your facial hair.

At the Hair N Image clinic in Surat, you may also have a combined technique to obtain correct density and a natural look. A single hair graft, as well as a two-hair graft combination, are implanted during this surgery.

If you have male pattern baldness, you can get a facial hair transplant to help you. This technique, however, will not assist individuals with alopecia Universalis, who do not have hair on their entire body.

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So, what are the drawbacks or complications?

Scarring, ingrown hair, infection, pain or sensitivity, redness, inflammation, and bruising are typical complications associated with facial hair transplantation. But keep in mind that all of this is only transitory.

How will you take care after the treatment?

The aftercare requirements for a facial hair transplant are the same as for any other hair transplant. After the procedure, you should keep your treatment area dry for the first five days. To maintain your implants in good form until they fall out spontaneously after two weeks, avoid vigorous activity.

Now let’s talk about the time required for recovery:

It takes three to ten hours to finish the therapy. After the treatment, make sure the transplanted region is completely dry for five days. In most cases, the tiny crusts that develop around each transplanted hair fall off in four to six days.

The hairs that were transplanted will fall out in a week or two. In the meanwhile, the donor region will fully heal in three days or less.

Are there any other options than the facial hair transplant procedure?

As a temporary alternative to a facial hair transplant, you can have the following –

  • Application of amla oil, coconut oil, and eucalyptus
  • Make vitamins, fiber, protein, cinnamon, and lemon are as part of a well-balanced diet.
  • To encourage the growth of facial hair, keep the skin clean and use moisturizer.

Now that we have discussed the facial hair transplant treatment in detail, visit Hair N Image for the best cure if you plan to undergo the same.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation – Does it Look Natural?

Do you have a problem with hair loss? Is it affecting your self-assurance? Is it having an impact on your self-esteem? Is it causing you to appear older?

When you look in the mirror, do you feel embarrassed about yourself? Do you feel embarrassed in front of others because of it?

Do you find it difficult to view yourself in the mirror or to face the world?

If you answered yes, this article would give you an efficient hair loss cure that will help you regain your confidence and self-esteem. You will also appear younger because of it.

What is the cure?

Hair loss can be treated by scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical, painless treatment for hair loss. It offers you a more natural look. It aids in the creation of a natural hairline.

All of this, however, is only achievable if scalp micropigmentation is performed by the best hair transplant clinic in Surat. The outcome of scalp micropigmentation treatment is determined by the doctor’s skills and experience.

To achieve excellent results, it is advisable to seek scalp micro-pigmentation therapy from the best hair transplant doctor in Surat.

What is the procedure for applying micropigmentation to the scalp?

Natural pigments are placed beneath the epidermis during scalp micropigmentation treatment. A machine with a microneedle is used by your Surat specialist to implant a series of tiny dots. Until the implants have healed, they leave a mark that appears like hair follicles.

Scalp micropigmentation conceals scars from burns and other injuries, and it is an effective hair loss treatment. You may become older with age, but you still appear younger! All thanks to a scalp micropigmentation treatment that gives you a more youthful appearance and a natural hairline.


Micropigmentation of the scalp has proven that age is just a number. It has nothing to do with our physical appearance. Even if we’ve become old with age, we can still appear young. Although no one has control over their increasing age, they do have control over their decreasing hair.

You may be elderly in age, but owing to scalp micro pigmentation therapy, you appear to be younger! It makes you look younger even though you’re older. The youth period does not last forever; it dies, but youthful appearances do not! You may grow older with time, yet you appear youthful on the outside.

All of this is made possible via scalp micropigmentation therapy. However, for scalp micropigmentation to be successful, the following aspects must be considered:

  • Blending of micropigmentation on the scalp

The realism of this SMP treatment comes from the blending of your hair follicles. Whether you simply have hair on the sides or some on top, your professional mixes the treatment into your existing hair. It helps to provide a uniform appearance across the entire scalp.

  • Color matching for scalp micropigmentation

For a natural look, your Surat specialist will match your hair color to the color of their scalp micropigmentation pigment.

  • Specialist experience

The outcome of scalp micropigmentation therapy is determined upon the skills and experience of your Surat specialist. To achieve the desired and natural results, make sure you obtain scalp micropigmentation from a hair transplant clinic in Surat with qualified and experienced specialists.

Apart from the considerations mentioned above, the following elements must be kept in mind.

  • Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight for long periods.
  • When going out, wear a hat.
  • To achieve the best outcomes, follow your specialist’s post-treatment advice.

Final thoughts

In this post, we learned about scalp micropigmentation and how it can be an effective cure for hair loss. We learned how scalp micropigmentation works and what things must be considered for it to be successful.

Scalp micropigmentation improves the appearance of your hairline and makes you appear younger. It assists you in regaining your self-confidence and self-esteem. It enables you to look in the mirror with pride and confront the world with confidence rather than trepidation.

You cannot regulate your age using scalp micropigmentation, but you can regulate aging. Hair loss makes you appear to be older. Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent way to combat hair loss and rejuvenate your appearance.

You may get older with age, but you will look younger! You can’t avoid old age, but you can avoid looking old. However, the specialist’s skills and experience are critical to the success of scalp micropigmentation.

As a result, make sure you undergo scalp micropigmentation therapy from Surat’s best hair transplant specialist.

So, do you wish to seem younger and regain your youthful appearance? Do you wish to regain your self-assurance?

Then schedule a scalp micropigmentation procedure at a hair transplant clinic in Surat straight away.

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